February 2015


This document is for the purpose of establishing the bylaws of the club and additional guidelines and responsibilities as a coach, player, and/or Executive Board member in the Strikers Futbol Club. You will be responsible for keeping all club policies as outlined.


The general purpose of the Strikers Futbol Club will be to provide a positive, fun-filled environment, encouraging individual player growth beyond that normally available through recreational soccer.

The club is a non-profit organization, and shall at no time collect fees from players in order to pay coaches or board members. Coaches and board members will be volunteers. One Board member provides services to the club (training), which is different than his board responsibilities (coaching coordinator and assistant), and he is compensated for his training services only.

The club’s governing organization is comprised of a united group of individuals committed to every player’s development. The club will empower and allow individuals with soccer experience to make all decisions regarding player development and coaching consistent with the club’s adopted philosophy. The club will also empower and allow individuals with administrative experience to make all decisions regarding administration of the club for the benefit of the players consistent with the club’s adopted philosophy.

The Strikers Futbol Club is an affiliate of the Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA) and the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA).


  1. Attend scheduled practices and games and shall notify coaches in advance when attendance is not possible.
  2. Show respect for teammates, opposing players, referees, coaches and parents.
  3. Endeavor to represent the club in a positive manner, i.e., does nothing that would embarrass any club participant or sponsor.
  4. Endeavor to keep themselves in peak physical condition.
  5. Strive to continually develop their individual soccer skills.


  1. Be of high moral character.
  2. Be knowledgeable in basic soccer skills and the principles of team play.
  3. Provide opportunities for individual growth of all players in the areas of physical strength, coordination, soccer skills, sportsmanship, and team play.
  4. Maintain a positive environment.
  5. Be primarily responsible for coaching, and rely on Executive Board members and other individuals for administrative support.
  6. Attend the Strikers Annual General Meeting and a minimum of two (2) additional coaches meetings. In the event the coach is not able to attend, they may assign a team representative to attend as proxy.
  7. Continually look for opportunities to improve his/her knowledge about soccer, such as through advanced licensing.
  8. Coach licensing requirements – each licensing paid for by the Striker Club, will have the following commitment to the club: E – 2 years, D – 2 years, C – 2 years, additional licensing commitment to be determined. Coaches will be reimbursed the costs to complete the UYSA licensing for “E” and/or “D” and/or “C” level licensing. Assistant coaches will be reimbursed ½ of the UYSA licensing fee for “E”, “D”, and “C” licenses. Assistant coaches will have the same commitment requirements as coaches above. Reimbursement for “B” and “A” level licenses will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to budget constraints.       Requests for license fee reimbursement must be received by the Treasurer within six (6) months of paying the fee to be considered valid. Upon termination of coaching for Strikers during the commitment period, the coach and/or assistant coach agrees to repay the club the entire licensing fee paid by the club prior to leaving the club, unless the coach retires from coaching for the remainder of the obligation time period.


As representatives of the Layton Strikers Futbol Club and coaches of youth soccer players, each Strikers coach, assistant coach, team manager or any other representative of any team (a “Team Representative”) shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not reflect negatively on themselves, their team, or the Strikers Futbol Club. In addition to abiding by the UYSA Code of Coaching Ethics, each Team Representative shall strive to be an example of sportsmanship to the players and others involved with the team.

Any report provided by any individual(s) including, but not limited to, referees, opposing coaches, players or parents to any member of the Strikers Executive Board (the “Board”) concerning the actions of any Team Representative alleging violations of the law while participating in any Club or team activity (excluding minor traffic violations) or any violation of the UYSA Code of Coaching Ethics will be handled as follows:

  1. Any report investigated by the Board shall be submitted to the Board in writing. The Board may investigate but may not take any disciplinary action based on any report not made in writing. The Board may, but shall not be required to, consider any report of any alleged violation not made in writing when determining the repetitive nature of any alleged violation and any subsequent discipline imposed based on a written report.
  1. Based on the severity or repetitive nature of the allegations, the Board, at its discretion, may suspend a Team Representative from participation in Club activities, including games, while the Board investigates the reported conduct. The duration of any suspension imposed prior to investigation by the Board shall not exceed ten (10) days.
  1. The Board will verify details of the complaint, including interviewing the person or persons who made the complaint. The Board may also elect, but shall not be required to, contact any witnesses who may have observed the actions giving rise to the complaint.
  1. The Board will contact the Team Representative that is the subject of the complaint in writing to obtain their version of the incident at issue. The Team Representative shall have three (3) days to respond in writing to the Board.
  1. The Board will meet within seven (7) days (within three [3] days in the event the Board suspends the Team Representative prior to the investigation) of the deadline for the Team Representative to respond to the Board or receipt of the response from the Team Representative, whichever is earlier, to determine whether disciplinary action should be taken. Any disciplinary action taken by the Board must be agreed to by a majority of the Board members.
  1. Based on the severity of the offense and the repetitive nature of any violation by the Team Representative, the Board may impose any of the following disciplinary actions:
  • Official warning and explanation of expected conduct;
  • Suspension for a number of games to be determined by the Board;
  • Suspension for the remainder of the Fall or Spring season;
  • Suspension for a period of time up to and including one year; or
  • Dismissal from the Strikers Club
  • The Team Representative will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision.


  1. Abide by and be held accountable for adherence to the UYSA Parent Code of Conduct form signed upon player registration.
  2. Respect the dignity of all soccer participants, coaches, and administrators, and shall assist in the building of a positive environment.
  3. Provide administrative support when circumstances allow.
  4. Meet financial obligations in a timely manner, and shall encourage their youth to participate in and support club fundraisers in an effort to minimize the financial burden to individual families.


  1. Be elected by current coaches and board members annually during the first calendar quarter, and/or as a need arises and change is determined as necessary. The Executive Board shall consist of nine (9) members. All Board members shall be in good standing with Strikers, UYSA, USSF, and community and other organizational partners to include, but not be limited to, cities and school districts. All Board members must also be in compliance with the Coaches Code of Ethics irrespective of position held. The presence of at least half of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Board shall never overrule a majority vote by the coaches on any issue.   The Executive Board members consist of:
President Vice President
Secretary Treasurer
Club Registrar Purchasing Director
Coaching Director Training Director
Tournament Director


  1. Have authority to appoint interim Board members/directors for any open positions.
  2. Present a recommended slate for voting approval at the annual general coaches meeting of those individuals who have been duly nominated and vetted to determine their compliance with Board member guidelines and code of ethics.
  3. Hold at a minimum, four (4) board member and coaches meetings annually, or on a more frequent basis, as may be needed.
  4. Coordinate with State and Region UYSA leadership on all matters affecting the club.
  5. Present potential coaching candidates and provide administrative support to the coaches.
  6. Provide opportunities for coaches and players to improve their skills through workshops and clinics.
  7. Encourage parental involvement in club administrative functions.
  8. Discipline club participants where needed.
  9. Vote on any club expenditure that exceeds $50.00 or is out of the normal course of club business.


Posting for new coaches will be based on need as determined by the Executive Board. This need could be due to an existing coach leaving and/or new teams being established. The Executive Board determination on existing coaches leaving and new coaches being selected can be made at anytime. Coaches for new teams will be determined in the spring of each year, prior to tryouts held in May/June and fall registration mid-June.

Notification of an open coaching position will be announced by word of mouth and other advertisement by the Executive Board. All individuals interested in applying for a coaching position within the Striker organization are required to submit a formal resume with references. All resumes will be reviewed by the Executive Board and the coaches. A majority vote by the existing coaches and Board will be necessary for approval. If a Striker Executive Board/Coaches meeting is not able to be held, voting and selection of coaches will be done through alternate means, i.e., email transmittals. Selection of coaches for teams will be based on qualifications, which include licenses held, coaching experience, and references.

All coaches, including assistant coaches are required to be certified with an “E” license by the end

of the first year of coaching. A UYSA waiver must be submitted for the first year. Also, any coach will be required to be certified with a “D” license or higher if coaching a State team. Waivers are only good for a one (1) year time period, beginning the first year.


Strikers Futbol Club tryouts will be held in accordance with UYSA requirements. Coaches will hold tryouts for all age groups on a date, time, and place that will be established in coordination with the Executive Board. Tryouts must be advertised and are mandatory if a new team is being established or the coach is desirous of replacing players.

Each coach having his/her age group tryout will be responsible for organizing his/her tryouts. Each coach will express his/her interest to each player. The PLAYER AND PARENTS will make the decision as to which team the player will play on when selected/offered positions on different teams. Beyond extending an initial invitation to join a team, there will be no soliciting of club players by coaches within the club (see V. Discipline for Violations of UYSA Coaching Code of Ethics).

Tryouts will be open to any youth wanting to participate in their specific age group. See UYSA State Bylaws for individuals requesting to play in a different age group.



The official club uniform, warm-ups and gear, to be worn and used by all Strikers affiliated teams, shall be determined and approved by the Executive Board and conform to the following guidelines:

Jerseys will have the approved Striker logo placed on the chest area and the US Youth Soccer logo placed on the right sleeve. Individual player numbers will be centered on the back of the jersey.

Shorts will have individual, player numbers placed on the front of the left leg.

Teams needing new uniforms are required to purchase the approved Strikers uniform.

Training uniforms will consist of approved logo and uniform apparel by the Executive Board. Coaches should request players attend all organized training events in approved training apparel of the Strikers Futbol Club.

Players should wear approved team uniforms, warm-ups, and training apparel to all organized Strikers events, including team trainings, club trainings, tournaments, games, and UYSA sanctioned events where club apparel is recommended.


All checks for registration costs, fees, refereeing, etc. will be made out to Strikers and all funds related to Strikers Futbol Club activities will be run through the general and team specific funds established by the club and administered by the Treasurer. The Treasurer will issue checks as requested by coaches and/or needed by the club, the region or other request as needed by the league. Funds to replace general fund distributions in behalf of specific teams need to be recouped within sixty (60) days unless other arrangements have been made with the Executive Board. A list of coaches with any team having a delinquent account or in arrears will be provided to the Executive Board, when deemed necessary, and the Board will assist the Treasurer in collection efforts.


Any additions or deletions to these guidelines will be proposed by the Executive Board and will require a majority vote by the coaches for ratification. The guidelines shall be reviewed annually and if any changes are needed those changes must be approved by a majority vote of the coaches and Executive Board during the first calendar quarter of the year.


Each head coach of a current team will be entitled to one (1) vote. Each Executive Board member will be entitled to one (1) vote. An individual that coaches multiple teams will only be entitled to one (1) vote. Coaches that also serve as Executive Board members shall be entitled to two (2) votes, one (1) for being a Board member and one (1) for being a coach. Voting may take place by alternate means (i.e., e-mail, telephone, proxy) provided that all eligible voting members are notified of the vote and a deadline is set for a response.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the club may adopt.


Club dues will be determined by the board. The amount shall be kept as low as possible, in order to fund the club activities and the development of the club and its players.