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Player Registration

The following are some important hints that will help you through the on-line registration. When you finish be sure to print out a copy of the UYSA registration form to present to the administrator at your team registration meeting as proof that you have completed this registration. Please note that this is a Strikers specific UYSA registration site. If you have children playing in another UYSA affiliated league or program then you will need to use their specific online UYSA registration link (note: you will use the same username and password). If you have any problems with online registration please contact the ADG Online Registration Help Line: 1-888-211-3444.

Registration help is also available on the district web page ( or at the state web page (

If you are a coach and need information about registering your team, visit our Coaches Resources page.

Strikers registration site:

Screen One

Go straight to the registration page HERE.

In the first screen (click link to view screen) select the “Player Registration” check box and then one of the following two options:

  1. If you are a current or past UYSA player at any level (city rec, district AA, district competition or State competition) and you already have a username and password for the UYSA system, sign in using OPTION 1 “Login using your account”. If you don’t know your username or password, click the link for “forgot username/password”.
  2. ONLY if you (or any member of your family) have NEVER registered with UYSA at any time in the past then use OPTION 2 “Create new account”. On the first page after selecting to “Create a new account” you will need to enter information for the PARENT of the player you are going to register. It will also prompt you to create a username and password for future use.

Screen Two (Family Members List)

Add all new players who are playing for Strikers in the 2009-10 season who are not currently in the system.  You can also add another Parent or guardian. Please make sure that the player name is exaclty like their birth certificate, and no nicknames or aliases are used.  Player cards MUST match birth certificates exactly and this is where the Registrar gets that information.  For each new player you add, you will be prompted to add the players name, date of birth, and gender. Select Continue once you are finished adding family members.

Screen Three

On this page you will create the registration for your player. Click the “Register as Player” button, and follow the easy instructions.

Screen Four

You will need a team assignment code which you can get from your coach.

Screen Five (Player Detail Page)

Be sure you fill out all the sections with asterisks. Those are the required fields. And also note the following important items on this page:

  1. For “School” you must put the closest elementary school to your geographic address — not necessarily the school your player attends. Even if your player is in high school you must put the local elementary school in this box. This is used for administrative purposes only, the school your child actually attends is unimportant.
  2. If your team administrator has not already uploaded a photo to your child’s account, you must do so at this time. The photo needs to be a close up of only the head and neck, and should fill up the entire box.  Please don’t make the photo a close up of the face only. The required photo size is 100 x 120 pixels.

Once all desired players are registered, continue with the registration process.

Screen Six (ELA)

This page is the ELA (electronic legal agreement). You must agree with these before registration is complete.

Final Steps

Proceed to complete the online registration process.  Once completed, you will be taken to the online payment page. Select a payment method and enter the required information.  Once a payment has been submitted, you will be taken to the thank you page where you have the ability to print receipts, forms, and ELS’s.  When you are finished, log out and you will be taken the “my account” page.  Congratulations – you are finished!